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About Karāgha

My inspiration for Karāgha arose from a love of India, traditional crafts, colours, and a life-long interest in textiles and design. Karāgha means “loom” in Hindi.

Karāgha specialises in hand woven textiles that are produced by ethical weaving co-operatives and social enterprises in India.

Spinning,weaving and dyeing create livelihood opportunities for the artisans involved.

Natural fibres such as wool, cotton, eri-silk and cashmere,are used to create a beautiful range of scarves, stoles, shawls and throws.

Natural dyes are sometimes used, complimenting the traditional and contemporary designs which are handmade by atisans in India.

The scarves offered by Karāgha are of the highest standard and are recognised for their hand loom authenticity and traditional techniques.

Indian Wool Shawls from the Himalayas

The Himalayan regions of India are famous for handwoven pure wool shawls. Hand woven designs have been passed down over generations, whilst trading existed on the Indo-Tibetan trade route – also known as the “wool route”. Wool Processing with Natural Dyes

These handwoven products are sourced directly from India and Nepal, where they are ethically made by our Producers to Fair Trade standards.