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Kala cotton from Kachchh

Kala cotton is Old world cotton, which is seeing a revival in the western state of Kachchh, Gujarat. The area is known for the Great Raan of Kachchh, the white salt desert, wild birds and an incredible wealth of traditional crafts and textiles.
Kala cotton is short staple cotton, resistant to droughts and pests and quite hardy making it suitable for the dry climate.

Kala cotton kala pod
In a world full of pollution and devastating environmental concerns, it is so good to see this organic cotton being used more.
The investment for farmers growing Kala cotton is considerably less than conventional BT cotton, due to it being organic and it is not harmful to the environment or to those growing it.
The production of Kala cotton is more time consuming, due to the staple length, but the finished hand woven cloth has a lovely texture and feel and is strong and durable.
These key attributes of Kala cotton contribute another rich layer to India’s textile heritage and create opportunities for artisans and crafts people.