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Wool processing with natural dyes

Dyeing with natural indigo edit

Our fine textiles are hand woven using traditional techniques.

Some of the designs are produced from hand spun wool, which is then dyed with natural dyes.

To enable the fibre to absorb the dye, it must first be scoured to remove any impurities, then mordanted.

After this the wool is added to a natural dye bath and heated. Natural dyes come from plant roots, flowers, wood and leaves. Plants such as madder, marigold, lac, Eastern brazilwood, indigo and cutch are used to produce shades of red, purple, blue, and cinnamon.

The dyed yarn is then dried before being hand woven into beautiful shawls and stoles.

Our shawl designs are both classic (traditional Kullu designs) and contemporary. Our Pashmina scarves are produced from pure, hand spun cashmere. All our shawls and other items are carefully sourced and certified as handloom products.